Improve your riding skills - or enjoy a hack in the Yorkshire countryside  

South Holderness riding
Whether you're an experienced rider or a beginner, you can ensure the equestrian experience of a lifetime through Yorkshire's excellent riding and trekking centres. Some offer lessons in flatwork and jumping, while a few take advantage of Yorkshire's national parks and other scenic areas to do hacks lasting from an hour to a whole day. Many offer group and individual lessons on weekdays as well as at weekends, and generally they work until well into the evening.  
We only list businesses which have a licence from their local council, meaning they are fully insured and undergo annual veterinary and safety checks. Many have additional accreditation from the British Horse Society (BHS) or the Association of British Riding Schools (ABRS). If you'd like advice on the best riding centre for your ability please ask us, or just contact the centres direct - please let them know you found them through Ride Yorkshire! 
When booking a ride, whether it's a lesson or a hack, be honest about your level of ability. There's no point over-stating your skills, because you could end up being frightened if you're 'over-horsed' - and no riding centre owner wants their better horses upset by an inexperienced rider. It's far better all round to make sure you're matched with a horse or pony you can enjoy.  
In some cases you can take your own horse along for an individual lesson of flat-work or jumping: having a qualified instructor assess you working together with your horse will help you develop a wonderful partnership. 
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